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How to use an air rifle scope

Of the many accessories that can enhance the shooting experience and make and rifles much more enjoyable, rifle scopes can greatly improve the accuracy of a shot fired. In fact, there can be no comparison made between the accuracy of shots fired from rifles with scopes and without scopes. Shots with scopes are significantly more accurate.

There are a large number of scopes available in today’s market and using a scope can prove to be quite simple. We recommend that you follow these five basic steps in order to effectively use a rifle scope.

5 simple steps on how to effectively use a scope with an air rifle

Here are five useful tips that can greatly improve the accuracy of your shooting an air rifle:

  • Determine distance to target

This is the first step to be followed before you start zeroing on the scope. After taking a random shot through the scope, you will need to check how far off the bullet is from the target. Using this distance and the measured distance to target, adjustments can be made to the scope in order to zero in on the target.

  • Use details of the scope to make adjustments to the line of fire

Most scopes provide two knobs – one to adjust for the elevation and the other to adjust for wind. Details of how much adjustment these knobs provide is typically provided by the manufacturer on sale of the scope.

Manufacturers offer details with respect to how adjustments affect a shot across varying pellet caliber sizes and across a range of distances.

  • Military precision isn’t required

While this can be done, when it comes to hunting or other recreational activities, scopes need to be adjusted to only a modest level of precision. Adjustments can be easily made on modern day scopes and it is best to make approximations and fire a shot rather than calculate meticulously how to hit the perfect spot.

  • Adjust for parallax before lining up the shot

Parallax plays a major role in determining the accuracy of a shot fired and you will always need to take this into account. Many modern day scopes offer parallax adjustment features involving a reticle, making use of which users can determine parallax, based on how far the target is located.

Parallax adjustment knobs typically have distances marked out on them, so it becomes quite convenient to quickly adjust and line up a shot.

  • Align the cross hairs of the scope as per your adjustments

The final step after taking all adjustments into consideration is to align the cross hairs of the scope. Compensations for wind, angle and distance will always need to be made before aligning the cross hairs. While these may make the cross hairs seem to be slightly off from the target, if the adjustments have been properly accounted for, a decently accurate shot will be fired.

These basic steps will allow you to make use of a scope to shoot an air rifle accurately. While you may choose to spend time in calculating how to improve the adjustments of your scope, a much better option is to just go out and practice taking multiple shots. With some experimentation, a better feel will be developed, allowing attainment of some level of accuracy, enough for recreation and hunting purposes.