How to Purchase Essential Home Gardening Tools

There are a number of things about gardening that attract a number of enthusiasts. Owning a garden can yield a number of pleasures and advantages. The prospect of having a green, open space to putter around in is pleasurable. Garden owners can spend a decent amount of their recreational time setting up a beautiful space that adds to the aesthetic value of their residential spaces. When it comes to setting up a garden technology, gardening tools are a necessity. Whether you’re a novice gardener or someone who’s been gardening for decades, having an arsenal of gardening tools is a non negotiable. Veteran gardeners may already know what kind of tools that they need to shape their shrubs and greenery but for the novice, there are a number of things that need to be noted.

The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that there are a number of essential gardening tools that should be purchased immediately. Once you’ve purchased a basic set of gardening tools, you can begin to look for some items that are less essential. It is important for you to pay attention to the level of versatility that a gardening tool possesses before you make a purchase. If you’re a bit unsure about the quality that a gardening implement has, forego the purchase and look for something that possesses a sturdier build. Let’s take a look at a number of basic gardening tools that every gardener, regardless of experience, should purchase.

The physical aspect of gardening is something that you need to be mindful of at all times. You want to purchase a tool that minimizes the physical effort that you spend during gardening as much as possible. The first item that you should purchase is a well made shovel. Purchasing a quality shove should spare you from hours of potentially back breaking work. You want to make sure that the shovel you’re eyeing won’t break after a few uses. Overtime, a poorly made shovel’s edge will dull as a result of its contact with soil, debris, and other objects so make your choice with this fact in mind.

When it comes to clearing stems, stray branches, and vines, a pair of gardening shears is essential. Make it a point for you to go through several pairs of gardening shears. The key thing that you want to check out is the heft and feel of a pair of gardening shears. More often than not, gardening shears are sickle shaped. For the purposes of safety, it would be a great idea for you to look for a pair of shears that come with a locking mechanism that you can use whenever the tool isn’t being used.


Clearing your yard of dead leaves during the fall requires the use of a rake or an electric leaf blower. The latter is the more expensive option but it does spare you from the labor intensive task of raking leaves and gathering them into a pile. Purchasing a rake is more cost effective but you need to make sure that you purchase one that is well made. A wheelbarrow can also reduce the labor intensive aspect in gardening in an exponential manner. Transporting plants and other tools using a wheelbarrow is much more forgiving than having to use your bare hands to lug all those objects around.

Make sure that you get to consult with other gardeners before you decide to look for a set of gardening tools. A great deal of research can spare you from making the mistake of making ill advised purchases. With enough information, time, and effort, collecting a set of gardening tools should be a straightforward affair.

Gumboot Zydeco

The Wellington boot (also known as the gumboot, rubber boots, wellies, topboots, billy-boots, gumbies, gummies, or rainboots), based on the Hessian boot, was modified by at the request of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.  The final creation had the trim removed, fit much closer to the leg and extended up to about mid-calf of a woman.  The heels were much lower, measuring only about an inch high. The boot was nicknamed the Wellington and it has been called that ever since. The Duke suggested yet another change to the design because of the many times he had seen soldiers who were shot in the knees.  The boots were modified to extend upward and all the way over the knee, to offer more protection to the wearer.

This boot style was very popular throughout the 1840s, but took backseat to the calf-high version in the 1850s.  The popularity of both styles waned in the 1860s when the ankle high boot became popular.  They were first, like all other boots of the time, made of leather. In 1852, however,  Hiram Hutchinson met Charles Goodyear.  Goodyear is, of course, associated with the making of tired.  Hutchinson decided to use the same process to make boots.  So, the waterproof Wellington-style boot was born and individuals of all kinds have had dry feet ever since.

Gumboot zydeco, also called “gumboot music”, is a form of South African popular music that involves people dancing in gumboots (Wellington style rubber boots).  Appropriately, people from Britain call it the “Welly boot dance”.  The dance, created in the 19th century in South African gold mines, was a way for miners, who were forbidden to speak to each other while working, to communicate with one another.

The miners used other parts of their uniforms, as well, including their hard hats and chains to perform rhythmic chants and songs that often incorporated traditional tribal rhythms.  This allowed them to communicate with another about safety related issues and for pure entertainment purposes.  The lyrics of the songs often spoke of loneliness and sadness experienced by the miners.  Still others were insults or jokes about their supervisors.  Ironically, the mine owners, who were impressed by the talent, would allow the best gumboot dancers to form groups that would perform for the others.  This music and dance was the predecessor for the modern step dance, among other performance arts.  Stepping, popular among African-American college fraternities and sororities, is a dance performance that uses “stepping”, vocal sounds and claps.

The 1986 Paul Simon album Graceland  contains the song “Gumboots”, which was recorded in South Africa.  It is said that one of Simon’s friends, Heidi Berg, gave him a tape from South Africa called Accordion Jive Hits No. 2. On that tape, was a song called “Gumboota” with which Simon fell in love.  He decided that he wanted to record the song best hiking boots for women with the same musicians, a group called The Boyoyo Boys.  At the time, however, the United Nations had boycotted South Africa because of Apartheid and performers were discouraged from travel there.  Simon decided to ignore the discouragement and travelled to South Africa, recorded the song and many other works with other African musicians.  That influence can clearly be seen on the Graceland  album.  Gumboot zydeco can be heard in musical festivals across the United States and in South Africa, where it remains a tourist favorite.

5 DIY Decorations with Light Bulbs

Instead of just throwing away your used light bulbs, you can put them to an even better use – decoration of your house! Yes, light bulbs can be used for decorative purpose as well.
Internet is filled with wonderful DIY ideas that can help you in decorating your houses and offices with old and used light bulbs. Here are a few of them.
Painted Light Bulbs
You might be able to find a few basic colored light bulbs in red, blue or green color in the market for decoration purposes but a wide range of colors are not available in our smart bulb review.
What you can do is you can convert your regular yellow or white colored light bulb into any of your favorite colored one by painting it.
For this purpose you need to choose the type of paint you will need. There are generally two kinds – acrylic and non-water based paints.
For a functional light bulb, you will need a special kind of light bulb that doesn’t evaporate when the bulb heats up. Acrylic paint, on the other hand, is suitable for light bulbs that will not be used or switched on.
Pro tip – Remove any dust and gently use a paint brush to coat the light bulb. Make sure that the bulb is in a standing and a stable position so that you don’t ruin the newly applied paint. After you are done painting let the bulb dry for at least 4 hours.
Light Bulb Wall hanging
Incandescent bulbs make amazing wall hangings. You can fill them, paint them, draw on them, add flowers or stick to them whatever you like and use a rope to hang them to the wall in order to give a more vintage look to the room.
Pro tip – If you are planning to throw a party in your garden, make garden hangings with your light bulbs and use transparent strings to hang them. This is a stylish, elegant and a budget-friendly decoration for your outdoor parties.
Light Bulb Vases or Flowerpots
Turn your regular light bulbs into glass vases by filling them with water and placing your favorite flowers like daffodils and roses. You can place these vases wherever you like.
Pro tip – Place one such vase on your office desk. Research provides that “Putting a plant on your desk can make you happier and more productive”.
Christmas Decoration with Light Bulbs
Christmas is that time of the year when shops are packed with people looking for nice decorative lights especially for their Christmas trees.
Generally, you are unable to find the kind of lights and decorations you had in your mind. So, this year on Christmas why don’t you take your old, used and regular light bulbs and create amazing Christmas lights?
Make a snowman or a santa claus out of a light by painting it and adding pieces of cloth or buttons. Use spray paints and stencils to get stars sprayed on a bulb.
Pro tip – Paint and connect few light bulbs in order to create an amazing old-fashioned yet stylish Christmas wreath. Add ribbons and glitter for special effects.
Light Bulb Banners
Use light bulbs and wood to craft vintage light banners and signs. These banners are commonly seen at weddings where they make perfect props for some awesome pictures.
Pro tip – You can surprise the love of your life by making them an “I love you” banner. Use wood to carve out the letters and fix the light bulbs to light them up.
Additionally, remember to work with extra care while using glass light bulbs as you might break them and get hurt. Safely remove the filament before starting your project.
You might want to do your DIY light bulb project in a place that is inaccessible to kids in order to ensure their safety as well. So, use these ideas and decorate your house and office in an easy and inexpensive way.

Tips for Caring for Your Buck Knives

Knives, just as it is the case with all types of tools, need proper care to continue serving the user properly and for much longer. It is worth remembering that knives are specifically designed for cutting. Consequently, they will develop dirt and carry plenty of debris from cutting all types of things, including foodstuff. Cleaning the knives is the best way to take care of them. On the other hand, what other caring measures should you apply on the victorinox Knives?

First, do not forget the following instructions:

–          Knives should be durable. Cleaning and proper care maintains the knives’ optimal performance while enhancing their life

–          Always keep the knife dry after washing – this includes the blade and handle

–          Clean all parts of the knife regularly, including the locking devices and moving parts

–          Oil the knife properly at least twice a year and focus on blade and pivot points when dealing with buck knives

–          Avoid DIY repair of damaged knives

–          Always keep knives stored in dry places

How to clean

A regular cleaning of buck knives is highly advisable. Focus on the locking mechanism, blade and pivot points. Do not immerse the entire buck knife in any type of liquid while cleaning it. Regular cleaning will keep knives free of rust, light surface oxidation and sticky residues. Never fail to lubricate knives after cleaning using Wax Lubricant, which is not only effective at lubricating but also sealing and protecting knives from corrosion and surface oxidation.

Best Cleaners

You need to identify the best cleaners for buck knives. Spray cleaning is one of the most highly popular and extensively recommended materials. Alternatively, you should not feel ashamed to use Clean Streak or Metal Brite. Chemical solvents, nail polish removers, alcohols as well as paint thinners would also leave you with properly cleaned victorinox knives. However, be careful with some chemical solvents, which have a reputation for damaging buck knife handles.

What does discoloration signify?

Discoloration normally signifies oxidation. Therefore, when you notice the appearance of strange colors on the knife, those are the signs of oxidation and early stages of rusting. The most common colors associated with discoloration include black, grey and blue. If the buck knives are made from stainless steel, they will not discolor easily. A change in color should alert you to clean the knife immediately.

Regular honing

Regular honing is an excellent way to care for your knives. The steel honing rods ensure that the sharp edges on your knife’s blade do not lose their sharpness or texture. Regular honing is highly recommended just prior to using any buck knife. Honing might appear hard, but once you try it, you will be impressed at how easy and uncomplicated it is. Always hold the steel rod vertically using your non-dominant hand while securing its tip on a hard but stable surface before honing.

Yearly Sharpening

How frequently you sharpen the knife depends on usage. If the knife slides right off the onion skin, this should indicate its readiness to undergo sharpening once more. Electric sharpeners might be popular but you should not use them because of their ability to strip away plenty of the metal on the knife’s blade. Water stones or whetstones would be the best for sharpening the knives and restoring them to a usable state.

Finally, cutting properly is also one way of caring for the knives. The best approach for cutting properly is to employ the rocking or slicing techniques. Chopping using the knife is not a good technique considering the level of bluntness that it causes. Avoid washing the knife in a dishwasher. This is because the dishwasher is notorious for warping and banging up knives. Do not forget to store all knives separately from the other tools or utensils.


Accessories that can enhance the beauty of your bathroom

It is assumed that if the starting of a day is good, then its probability of a happy ending increases. What’s more enjoyable than a refreshing bath in a luxurious bathroom? To make your bathroom a luxurious one, you need to install sound showers in it. Showers make you comfortable and you get a wonderful bathing experience. The experience can be enhanced by adding accessories to your shower. Accessories will add a glamorous experience to the scintillating bathroom which gives you a refreshing bath in the morning. Today enjoy this kind of relaxation, check out the best shower heads ever made that will spoil you everyday.

You can select from the vast collection of accessories for your own bathroom. Such accessories include the bath showers screens, glass shower, corner showers, and the counting goes on and on. All the bathroom accessories are offered in different shapes, sizes and colors that will definitely enhance the beauty of your bathroom. They get matched with every bathroom décor and give a fabulous luxurious look to your bathroom.

The corner shower is available from the size of thirty inches to the larger sizes in different types of styles. These types of showers are basically for the bathrooms that have less space. These can be purchased at affordable rates and are widely available. You don’t need to go to any of the remote places or market. You can easily find it at your nearby bathroom accessories store. Hence, it’s one of the best alternatives to get a luxurious feel in a limited budget.

Another accessory for the bathroom is the bath shower screen. This is a very famous accessory that comes in different shapes, sizes and models. The main advantage of using a bath screen is that it protects and prevents the water to spill on the bathroom floor. In case, if there is a shower with over head bath is your bathroom. This will prevent your bathroom from wetting the floor and avoid the bathrooms accidents. Bath screen is a part of the best options to ensure safety measures in your bathroom.

These screens for bathroom are available in different materials such as glass, plastic etc. which are translucent in nature. It is further classified in the framed shower screens, semi frameless shower screens, Semi framed shower screens and the frameless shower screens. You can choose anyone from all the above screens as per your choice. All of these will solve the same purpose that is avoids wet floor but they all had their peculiar advantages. These bathroom shower screens can also apply for the partition of the bathroom.

Frameless shower screen is the preferred choice of most of the people. They are simple to clean and elegant that constituently gives a classic look to your bathroom. It will add an oomph quotient to the design of your bathroom by which you get an enthralling experience of bathing. Only thing that you need to take care of is the glass screen. You need to take precautionary measures for the safety purpose.

The towel bars can be also installed in the bathrooms. They provide you the reliability to put your clothes on it and prevent it from getting wet by the shower water. These also come in single handle, double handle and triple handles. More the number of handles, more space you gets for placing your clothes and towels. You can also install a shampoo and liquid dispensers for preventing the clutter of shampoo bottle in the tub or on the floor.

Through all these things, you can easily décor your bathroom and make it a luxurious one. Install them now and get a great experience of bathing.